Doga Kimya is the leader of pre-paint iron surface chemicals,zinc phosphate ,iron phosphate,manganese phosphate coating and chromate coating chemicals.We provide technical support to our customers.

Our company supplies alkaline degreasers and acidic degreasers to all kind of iron surface treatment,vibration and grinding fluids,paint strippers and corrosion strippers,chromium free and non-chromium passivation chemicals are available.
Our mission is, to provide our customers whom dealing with painting and surface coating are protect their products to resist to corrosion,at the same time,to take advantage to our customers in their competition at the maximum productivity.

Our vision is, at non- stop growing market, growing technology and differences between their necessity, analyse to ever-changing dynamics,to light the way for their marking way.
Our experiences in our market shows to us, knowledge is power, but something are known wrong by our customers, cost,working load and loss of time is dangerous factor.
We are aware of these problems and we are always ready for cooperation.